HARIO Heatproof Tumbler (420ml/14oz)

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They say it's the simple things and love don't cost a thing. So if you're a believer, you'll love this simple beauty that is the HARIO 420ml (14oz) glass tumbler with a thin rim that sits comfortably around your mouth, and a body that fits nicely in your hand... Hmm, is it getting hot in here?

Good thing this one is made of heatproof glass, and is dishwasher safe making it easy for you to get it dirty as often as you want

  • Available in singles or in a pack of six glasses
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • SIZE: W75 × D75 × H145mm
  • CAPACITY: 420ml
  • MATERIAL: Heatproof Glass
  • Made in Japan

Use to serve lattes, warm milk, cold beer or any other large volume drink.

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