Hario SIMPLY Glass Coffee Maker

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SIMPLY beautiful, SIMPLY Hario

The simple design of a combined dripper and decanter is completed by an all stainless steel double mesh filter that ensures airflow for an even extraction. The double-layer construction of the delicately, etched filter provides a simple balance of a clean drip brew and plenty of the oils for a full bodied flavour. The removable, silicon collar provides simple and elegant protection for your hands.

Part of the Hario SIMPLY line of products.

  • SIZE: W132 × D110 × H164mm
  • CAPACITY: Practical capacity 400ml
    • Dripper: Stainless steel
    • Server: Heatproof glass
    • Band: Silicone rubber
  • Server made in Japan
  • Dripper made in China
  • Band made in Vietnam
Hario SIMPLY Glass Coffee Maker User Guide

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