Hario Mini-Slim Pro

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We'll forgive you for assuming this is just a futuristic looking Hario Slim Hand Coffee Grinder. But it's so much more. The Hario Mini-Slim Pro is your classic Slim Grinder redesigned to take your coffee grinding experience to a whole new level of satisfaction. The new stainless steel body is more durable and a subtle groove and pin lock ensures you don't spill your grounds while you're grinding. The Mini-Slim Pro also has a new handle reminiscent of the handle on the Skerton Pro, sturdier, prettier, and more comfortable to hold. The Mini-Slim Pro retains the same compact size that makes the Slim so perfect for travel.

  • Capacity: ~24g
  • Nylon Washer, Shaft cover, Inner Burr Holder and Grind Adjustment Knob
  • Polypropylene Inner hopper
  • Aluminum Diecast and Polypropylene Handle
  • Stainless Steel Spring, Shaft, Grind Adjustment Nut, Outer Hopper, and Bottle
  • Ceramic Burr Set
  • Transparent Lid with Silicone Rubber Lid Grip
  • Methacrylate Resin Lid