HARIO Pour-Control Kettle (Kasuya Model)

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While a traditional kettle forces you to bend your wrist up and down, this new design by 2016 World Brewers Cup champion, Tetsu Kasuya, lets you use your whole arm for more precise control.

Inspired by side-handle teapots, the positions of the spout and handle were re-evaluated, one degree at a time, until the position of 120 degrees was determined to be the most optimal.

The side handle style also makes this kettle more comfortable to use. Naturally level when held, there is no wasted effort when pouring. The handle allows your fingers to rest flat and your thumb to rest diagonally, giving you better control.

Part of the HARIO World Barista Collaboration collection.

  • Stainless Steel
  • Compatible with induction and direct flame heating surfaces
  • Practical Capacity: 600ml
  • Height: 127mm
  • Width: 270mm
  • Depth: 150mm
  • Made in Japan
HARIO Pour-Control Kettle (Kasuya Model) - User Manual

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