HARIO V60-03 Range Server (800ml/27oz)

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If you want a great little server to go with your HARIO V60, then this is a gem. To keep the server sealed, it comes with a clear glass lid with a rubber seal to keep heat in and prevent spills, and it has a 800ml (27oz) capacity; enough to hold coffee warmly for 3 or 4 people.

  • SIZE: W150 x D129 x H138mm (W5.9 x D5.1 x H5.4in)
  • CAPACITY: 800ml (27oz) (2-6 cups)
  • WEIGHT (incl. individual box): Approx. 400g (14.1oz)
    • Glass Server, Glass Lid: Heatproof Glass
    • The Sealant Attached to the Glass Lid: Silicone Rubber
  • Made in Japan

Use to decant and serve delicious brewed coffee.

V60 carafe decanter large