Hario Cold Brew Drip Brewer

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The Hario Water Dripper Drop takes the classic cold coffee drip tower design and simplifies it. This means making cold drip coffee more approachable and user friendly - which really means more delicious cold drip coffee for you! The Hario Cold Drip Tower has a timeless look, but we really love the small footprint of the Water Dripper Drop. The lower chamber is so sleek and slim that it will have no problem fitting in your refrigerator. You can also make tea in your Water Dripper Drop! So you'll be able to serve all sorts of refreshing beverages at your next patio party. Cheers!

  • Practical Capacity: 600 ml
  • Dimensions: W 107mm × D 102mm × H 304mm
  • AS Resin Upper Bowl and Lid
  • Silicone Rubber Gasket, Inner Holder, Strainer Holder
  • Polypropylene Drip Part, Strainer
  • Heatproof Glass Lower Bowl
  • Silicon Gasket Made in China
  • Strainer Holder Made in Vietnam
  • Lid, Upper bowl, Inner Holder, Drip part, Strainer, Lower bowl Made in Japan
  1. Add Medium Ground Coffee to Filter Basket
  2. Pre-wet Coffee, Ensuring All Coffee Grounds are Wet
  3. Place Paper Filter on Top of Coffee
  4. Add Water (or Water and Ice)
  5. Cover Upper Chamber with Lid
  6. Wait Patiently for 45 Minutes to an Hour for Your Cold Drip Coffee to be Ready
  7. Things to do While Waiting: Bake an Olive Oil Cake, Watch an Episode of Tiger King, Practice Your Fast Five Comedy Routine
  8. Pour Coffee into Glass with Exactly 3 Ice Cubes and Not a Cube More
  9. Enjoy!

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