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Hario Cold Drip Tower


  • $26000

You?ll enjoy making cold brew with the Hario Cold Water Dripper nearly as much as you?ll enjoy drinking it. We say nearly as, while this is a really interesting and fun way of making cold brew, with a little fine tuning, the chilled caffeine nectar that this produces is complex, sweet and delicious. And, as it produces a concentrate, you can drink it straight up (or on the rocks if you?re so inclined) like an espresso. Or you can blend it to make a beverage (or cocktail) of your choice. And don?t let appearances fool you - it?s actually pretty simple to use. Water and ice (or just water) go in the top chamber, coffee in the middle (pre-saturated with water) and, with the aid of a metal valve on the base of the top chamber, you just start dripping. We suggest one drip every 1-1.5 seconds, which gives a brew time of 5-7 hours.

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