Hario Mobile Mill Stick

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Do you ever think to yourself, "I wish I had the portability of a hand grinder but also the ease and speed of an electric grinder. Will this ever be possible?" Well today is your lucky day! Hario has granted your coffee wish with the Mobile Mill Stick! The Mobile Mill Stick turns your MSS and MSG hand grinders into portable electric grinders. The mighty little motor powers through beans with ease and efficiency - saving you from cranking hundreds of times on your weekend camping trip. The Mobile Mill Stick's simple, compact design is powered by a lithium-ion battery, which allows you to grind coffee wherever you are with the push of a button. Sometimes, wishes do come true.

  • Includes Holder Adapter for MSS/MSG Grinders
  • ABS Resin Body, Silicon Rubber Charging Jack Lid, Steel Socket
  • PET Resin Protective Film for Screen, PMMA Resin Holder, Steel Conversion Adapter
  • W 36mm × D 36mm × H 180mm
  • Made in China
  • Does Not Include Grinder
  1. Measure Amount of Coffee to be Used
  2. Prepare Your Desired Brew Method e.g. Hario V60-02 Matte Black Metal Dripper
  3. Remove Lid from MSS/MSG Grinder and Pour Beans in Hopper
  4. Place Adapter on top of Grinder
  5. Insert Mobile Mill Stick In Grinder Adapter
  6. Push and Hold On Button to Grind Your Coffee
  7. Make Coffee Like a Pro
  8. Enjoy Your Smashingly Good Coffee
  9. Do a Little Happy Dance

Watch the Mobile Mill Stick in Action!