Hario Smart Beam Heater

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A syphon guru's dream come true. This is the orchestra pit to the syphon's theatrical coffee making - finally available in North American voltage. 

A super powerful 350w 60Hz halogen lamp heats your water with precision, using the intuitive touch screen. You have full control over the temperature and time. 

Perfect for commercial use - not only is flameless heating safer, it's also sexier. And you can even chain more than one heater together for quick and efficient syphon service.

Three modes:

Basic Mode: Control the heat, power and time
Memory Mode: Save two settings to replicate the perfect brew
Professional Mode: Four buttons (heat/brew/keep/stop) give you unparalleled control

  • 350w Halogen (E-11) Lamp
  • AC120V 60Hz
  • Width: 21.5cm
  • Depth: 23.5cm
  • Height: 16.5cm
  • 3.5" LCD Touchscreen
  • Polycarbonate Body
  • Stainless Steel Surface
  • Iron Bulb Protective Cover
  • Silica Glass Cover
  • Heatproof Glass Reflector