HARIO V60-01 Ceramic Dripper Set (Red)

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If you're looking to get started with coffee brewing, or know someone you'd like to get started with manual brewing (and maybe they have a birthday coming up), then this HARIO starter kit was made for you. This great value, boxed kit has everything you need to begin producing perfect pour-over coffee at home and includes a V60-01 ceramic dripper (one cup size), a glass decanter, a coffee scoop and a pack of HARIO V60 filter papers. The V60 flexible coffee style allows the brewer to manually produce delicious coffee to the brewer's preference. The process takes roughly about 3 minutes but if you brew quicker you will alternate the coffee finish. So, experiment and enjoy.

    • 1 V60-01 Ceramic Dripper
    • Decanter
    • Filter Papers
    • Scoop
  • SIZE: W130 × D107 × H174mm
  • CAPACITY: 1-4 cups
  • WEIGHT: approx. 600g
    • Dripper: Porcelain
    • Server: Heatproof glass
    • Dripper holder: PCT resin
    • Lid, Handle, Measuring Spoon: Polypropylene
  • Only server is safe for use with microwaves
  • Made in Japan

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