HARIO V60 Drip Tray

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The answer to the age old question, what do I do with my HARIO V60 dripper when it's done brewing but it's still dripping out a bit? Meet the V60 Drip Tray. A white ceramic drip bowl with classic HARIO styling to match the white ceramic V60 dripper. Keep your coffee-making nook clean by placing the V60 dripper on top of the tray to let the last little over-extracted drips dribble out harmlessly. You can also use this dish as a place to put your teabag when it's finished steeping!

  • Fits both 01 and 02 size V60 drippers
  • SIZE: L115 × W115 × H45mm (L4.5 x W4.5 x 1.8in)
  • CAPACITY: 120ml (4.1oz)
  • WEIGHT (incl.individual box): Approx. 300g (10.6oz)
  • MATERIAL: Porcelain
  • Diswasher Safe
  • Made in Japan

HARIO V60 Drip Tray - User Manual

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