HARIO Pegasus 03 Dripper (Plastic)

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If you want a pot of coffee but don't have the space for a countertop machine, then the HARIO Pegasus 03 might be the manual coffee dripper you are looking for.

Designed with a trapezoidal shape, spiral ribs and two small holes to let the brewed coffee drain, the HARIO Pegasus 03 makes it easier to consistently reproduce the desired result when brewing by hand.

While this brewing consistency is welcomed by coffee professionals, the Pegasus 03 is aimed at enthusiasts who are starting their pourover practice. With these novice brewers in mind, HARIO have also added volumetric markings for differing ground coffee levels on the side of the brewer, and a stable base, that sits comfortably atop carafes, mugs, cups and insulated tumblers, with a "peep hole" to allow for clear sight of the outflow of coffee.

  • Pegasus 03 Paper Filters Sold Separately
  • SIZE: W151 x D134 x H113mm (W5.9 x D5.3 x H4.4in)
  • CAPACITY: 4-7 Cups
  • MATERIAL: AS Resin
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Made in Japan

HARIO Pegasus 03 Plastic Dripper - User Manual

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