HARIO Pegasus 03 Filters (100-Pack)

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Extract all the goodness and aroma from your freshly ground coffee beans. 100 pack of HARIO Pegasus 03 paper filters. Gives you a sediment free clean cup of coffee. Biodegradable and environment-friendly.

As with any paper filter, ensure that you rinse through with boiling water first to remove any remaining paper taste.

  • Available in chemical-free, oxygen bleached White or natural Brown
  • 100 Paper Filters
  • For Use in HARIO Pegasus 03 Drippers
  • Capacity: 4-7 Cups
  • Made in Japan

Use in your HARIO Pegasus 03 dripper for a clean brew and a quick cleanup.

V60 drip brew brewer bleach regular filter large natural brown